First Off, Congratulations to all the Runners in this years Grandmas Marathon, you did it! And to Duluth native Kara Goucher, for not only winning the women's division of the half marathon, but setting a new course record!

Being someone who would never have the guts or determination to take on such a feat, I have to say I love being a part of the marathon on the broadcast end of it. To feel part of such a great event is not only fun, but inspiring. Mix 108 was camped out at the Vista Fleet this year, and the cheers and inspirational chants form the crowd were the best.

One gentleman who was running the full, had stopped for a second in front of us, he was bent over trying to catch his breath and rubbing his leg. In obvious pain, he was just trying to muster up the energy to keep going. Someone from the crowd yelled out to him, "You can do it buddy you are almost their!" He stood straight up, shook out his legs and started slowly running towards the William A. Irvin.

The cheers from the crowd and clapping were deafening! That to me is what Grandmas Marathon is all about, form a spectators prospective. Being that motivational voice form the side lines, cheering these athletes on, and helping them get through that next mile.  Complete strangers all coming together on this one day out of the year, and being part of something truly special.

Also, thank you to all the volunteers, with out you this marathon could not happen every year!