Due to the road construction on Superior Street in downtown Duluth some of the marathon route has been changed, so here are the 5 best viewing points to watch the marathon:

  1. London Road (Mile Marker 19-23.5) Being someone who lives in that area this is a great place to watch the marathon. Some of the locals who live on London Road will throw quite the party, but also great viewing if you are looking for a particular runner. Parking is pretty accessible off of London Road as well.
  2. Lemon Drop Hill (Mile Marker 22) This part of London Road where it splits off to I-35 is quite the challenge for many runners. What may seem like a fairly innocent incline is grueling to so many runners who could really use your cheers and encouragement.
  3. Superior Street (Mile Marker 23.5-24) Cheer runners on as they leave London Road onto Superior Street for approximately a half a mile before making their way down to Michigan Street on the temporarily rerouted course through downtown Duluth.
  4. Lake Place Park: Lake Place Park can be reached from the Lakewalk, on the corner of S. 1st Ave. E. and Superior St., or the corner of S. Lake Ave. E. and Superior St. This is a great place to see the runners and feel like a part of the action!
  5. Time to Fly Official Zone: Harbor Drive  (Mile Marker 25.5) Look for the HOKA Arch and jump into the cheer zone as runners have just a 1/2 mile to the finish line. I have been down in that area many times and this is definitely the spot where many runners love that extra push from the crowd.

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