Having been a spectator for the last 11 Grandma's Marathons it is truly amazing to see the power and strength of the human spirit. What other time  do you get to yell at complete strangers and have them smile back and wave?

On a serious note, best of luck to all the runners in this years 35th Annual Grandma's Marathon. I personally know a few people from here at the station that are running and I know they will do awesome! If you are cheering someone on, or just decide to mosey on down to watch the race, here are 5 helpful hints on what you can do during the big race.

5.) Make Balloon animals. Kids love 'em and would make a great road side attraction as you line them up along the course.

4.) Juggle. Nobody can resist watching someone juggle, it's fun. Make sure you practice first so that none of your balls or flaming bowling pins end up on the course.

3. ) Grab your lawn chair, baby pool and fake palm tree and set it up. Instant beach. Don't forget the sunscreen, remember you can still get sunburned even if it is cloudy.

2.) Make up signs with random names on it, encouraging them to keep running. With all the people in the marathon, you are bound to see a Bruce or Cindy. They will love it!

1.) Come down to the Vista Fleet and hang out with me ! We will have the music cranked, dancing and cheering on this world class event!

Bookmark the link, share it with your friends, and tune in Saturday morning!