For many couples the actual wedding follows a very traditional theme and then the reception is when people including the Bride and Groom cut loose, until now.

For many women and even a few guys your wedding day is something you have dreamed about for years. It involves a lot of planning and in many cases money, so make it memorable. I have been to a ton of weddings that were beautiful and very special but nothing really out of the ordinary.

Remember this is your day, make it special and make it memorable for you and your guests. I came across this article that has some really great ideas:

1.) Have Personalized Thank You cards waiting for your guests as they arrive. For some people they have traveled a great distance or had to make a lot of arrangements to make it  to the ceremony. This will make everyone feel welcome right off the bat!

2.) Plan a Group activity: This is great If you are getting married somewhere where your guests have things to see and do like at a zoo, park etc.

3.) Screen a slide show: I love this idea, giving guests some real insight and also you will have everyone's undivided attention.

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