It's finally that time of year and the snow has finally covered the sidewalks. While salt does a great job of melting ice, it's not the best for your pets or the environment. 


  • Catherine Murray

    Kitty Litter

    So this doesn't really help melt the ice, but it does give you great traction for a more non-slip surface. On the plus side if you already have cats, you don't have to go out of your way to get cat litter. If you do use liter though, be careful because it can be quite the clean up come spring time.

  • Azurita


    Sand also provides some good traction and will absorb heat faster to help melt the ice. You could also try ash from the fireplace or even coffee grinds.

  • Lakewood on Amazon

    Sugar Beet Juice

    Sounds weird, but surprisingly works. Apparently the sugary beet juice lowers the melting point of ice and helps clear the way. Some cities have even used it on the roads to melt ice. I would recommend warming it up before you toss it on the sidewalks though.

  • Manna Pro on Amazon

    Chicken Grit

    My personal choice and another great choice for traction. It's safer for grass, plants, and concrete than salt and it's pretty easy to get a hold of.