In the Land of Lakes, it isn't hard to justify how fishing here is pretty amazing. Here are five facts you may not have known that make fishing in Minnesota even sweeter!

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    Minnesota is #1 in the country

    Minnesota is ranked first nationally in sales of fishing licenses per capita, with about 1.5 million licensed anglers in the state. That means that about one in three people in Minnesota are active fishermen and fisherwomen.

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    There are plenty of places to fish

    Minnesota has 5,493 fishable lakes and 18,000 miles of fishable streams and rivers. Of those, 5,400 lakes are managed by Minnesota DNR Fisheries. Also, 3,800 miles of trout streams are also managed by DNR Fisheries.

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    Minnesotans are avid fishing folk

    The average Minnesotan spends 15 days fishing each year, and we're pretty sure they all wish it was even more. Of all Minnesotans that fish, 84% of them never fish anywhere but in Minnesota.

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    The state fish isn't the most sought-after fish, but it's close

    The most popular fish to go fishing for in Minnesota surprisingly isn't the walleye. Crappies and other panfish are the most popular, followed by walleyes and then northern pike.

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    The Minnesota DNR is now offering fishing licenses online