Want to go fishing, but don't have a boat?  There are plenty of places right in the Twin Ports where you can fish from shore for a variety of fish.  Here's 5 of them that are easy to get to.


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    Arrowhead Pier in Superior

    Arrowhead Pier is the location of where the old Arrowhead Bridge used to connect Superior and West Duluth.  Now it's a long fishing pier that you can cast off of and is a pretty good spot to get walleyes.  Off the end of the dock is a deeper hole, where walleyes tend to move in and out from.

    Ken Hayes
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    Boyscout Landing in Gary New Duluth

    Here's another popular spot that's located at Boyscout Landing in Gary New Duluth.  It's just on the edge of Gary off Highway 23.  Just follow the sign and you can be casting from a nice fishing dock for walleyes, crappies, sunnies, and whatever else is biting that day!

    Ken Hayes
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    Indian Point in West Duluth

    Indian Point Park is located near the beginning of the Munger Shaw Trail.  Just follow the waterfront trail to the west until you see the dock on the St. Louis River.

    Ken Hayes
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    Barkers Island in Superior

    There's a couple of spots here.  One is just before you cross the bridge to the island, facing the whaleback ship.  The other is a long dock on the island in it's own little harbor.  This is a popular spot in Superior and you'll always find a few people casting lines here. (Maybe on a nicer day than this.)

    Ken Hayes
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    Billings Drive Boat Launch in Superior

    Here's a great spot for pan fish.  I've brought my kids here plenty of times and we always walk away with something.   Casting with a bobber and worm seem to work best.  Be prepared though, sometimes you'll get a Northern Pike!  Follow 28th street in Superior west through billings park and you'll see it on your right.

    Ken Hayes