New Years Resolutions are always a topic of conversation around the workplace this week as everyone tries to better themselves when the calendar changes. So here are 5 New Years Resolutions for the people/city of Duluth for 2018.

  • 1

    Not Getting Mad About Traffic

    Sure, it can get frustrating when there's an accident on 35 or on one of the bridges. But for the most part traffic is non-existent around here so let's try to not take it for granted.

  • 2

    Keeping Enough Quarters In The Car For Meters Downtown

    The worst feeling in the world is finding a decent spot downtown and then trying to scrounge up a quarter or three to put into the meter. Let's all try to remember to keep some spare quarters in our cars for 2018.

  • 3

    Taking More Advantage of Highway 61

    We have one of the most iconic and beautiful stretches of road in the United States that lines along Lake Superior and I, for one, plan on taking it more.

  • 4

    Not Getting Mad At How Busy Canal Park Can Get

    You know exactly when the busy seasons are. The weekends around Bentleyville and most of the time from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend. Canal Park can become quite a packed place. But can we blame people for wanting to check it out from outside of town? Canal Park is pretty awesome and we should be happy to have it here.

  • 5

    Don't Tailgate Each Other In The Winter

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