Last week I had a chance to take my family to visit the Great Wolf Lodge for its grand opening in Bloomington, near the Mall of America, here are 5 photos from our mini-vacation.

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    Glitter Tattoo

    They have plenty to do at the resort including the Scoops Kid Spa where kids can get lots of fun things including glitter tattoos.

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    The Waterpark

    With over 75,000 square feet of play area, the waterpark is a TON of fun. It's only open to guests of the hotel, so it's not packed and you can enjoy time on the slides or just cruising around on the lazy river! Oh, and it's always 85 degrees inside the waterpark.

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    Great Wolf Adventure Park

    The Great Wolf Adventure Park has lots of games and kiddie rides for the kids to enjoy. Here are the smallest members of my pack having some fun!

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    Oliver's Mining Co.

    The kids loved Oliver's Mining Co., they were each given a bag of sand that they had to pan and swift for a handful of gemstones and minerals that they could take home.

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    Two Happy Kids

    My kids had a great time at the Great Wolf Lodge and can't wait to go back. Here they are enjoying a meal after a long day of play!

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