Every Grandma's Marathon I help out with our sister station's broadcast of the race.  Listening to a marathon may sound a little strange, but it's actually a great thing for people that are spectating the race.  Here's why you should listen to Sasquatch 106.5fm or 560 AM during the race.


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    You Know What's Happening All Over The Course

    The first 2-3 hours of Grandmas Marathon is where all the action happens with the elite athletes.  Do you want to know where they are, or when they will be coming by you?  You'll get frequent mile marker updates and ETA from experts.

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    Former Professional Runners & Sports Experts Are In The Lead Vans Broadcasting

    The average spectator probably doesn't have much of an idea of what goes into the training, the pacing, and the mental game that it takes to win a Marathon.  These former/current runners know the strategies, the athletes, and are experts in what is happening.  You can hear in their voice the excitement that really brings the race alive.

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    Weather Information Updated Constantly

    The single biggest factor in every marathon is the weather.  It can be completely different in Two Harbors at the start of the race than it is in Canal Park at the finish.  We've also seen some crazy weather changes happen over the years.  Stay up to date by listening to the race coverage, and also find out how the weather changes affects the runners.

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    You Can Be At The Finish Line For The Winner

    So you've got your spot where you are sitting watching the race along the course, but after the lead runners go by, you wonder who is going to win.   All you need to do is have your radio on listening to the coverage.  The finish line announcers set the scene, and call it as it happens.  So you can be at the finish line right when it happens.

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    Learn About The Runners

    Grandma's Marathon has a ton of information about all of the runners, and the broadcasters know a lot about them.  This really makes a difference getting you excited and invested in the elite athlete's who are running the race.  You'll hear stories about them, their training, their history, etc.  This makes it more than just watching these men & women going by.  It makes you invested in the spirit of the marathon.

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