Living in the Northland we try to cram a lot of living in during the brief bit of summer we do have. And one place that is my favorite get away, and lucky for me is right in our backyard, well close enough, is Brighton Beach. Here are 5 reasons you should make a point of going there and hang out:

1.) One of the best views of the lake and the city. To your left you get a glimmer of the North Shore, and to your right is the view of the city, Canal Park, the lift bridge and  Park Point.

2.) Even on a super nice day it is rarely ever really crowded. The parking is fairly minimal with 2 small parking lots, but you have plenty of  parking on the road.

3.) Not very many seagulls. yes they are around, but they are mostly out in the water or flying over looking for some treats. Now, they will come around when a tourist decides to throw some bread crumbs down on the beach, but that is anywhere.

4.) Millions of great rocks to skip across the water. Brighton Beach is very rocky, but If you enjoy pitching a rock or two, this is Jackpot Junction. My best so far is 8 skips. :)

5.) Lot's of giant flat rocks to sit on and gaze out at the lake. Mother natures bleachers at her best. You can sit right up at the edge of the lake or sit back a little further, plenty of seating and always the best view around.



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