An ad agency in Minneapolis decided to take matters into their own hands and the outcome is genius! During the pandemic, a ton of people ended up working from home and office buildings all over the United States sat empty and some still do now as people have quit or opted to work from home instead.

Many of my friends who work in downtown Minneapolis all say the same thing, it is so weird being downtown because it seems almost deserted. It is definitely not as bad as during the height of the pandemic, but it still even now is not the same.

So for the people who have had to trudge back to their offices some fighting traffic in a long commute, battle, and most likely have to pay for parking then make your way up to your office for sure a highlight of all that would be a nice view. The Minneapolis skyline has changed so much over the years and I must say I think it is pretty impressive. After a while, you get used to that amazing view and did not realize how awesome it was until it is gone.

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When I first moved to Duluth I worked for a different broadcast company and we were based out of the Palucci building in Canal Park on the second floor. Although we were all crammed together on one floor the studios had 12-foot-high windows facing the lake. Oh yes, we were the first to see ships come in before the bridge went up. Absolutely stunning. From there I went to the old Townsquare building on Central Entrance and we had 1 window that faced an office. But now we have beautiful new studios with giant windows to check out all that is happening on Superior Street in downtown Duluth.

The employees from a company called Solve know the feeling as a giant billboard was put up outside their office blocking their view of the Minneapolis Skyline. Joe Stefanson, Solve’s associate creative director, said to Adweek.

Ever since we moved into our space, there’s been one eyesore after the next blocking our view. Our solution was to do what we do best. Solve a unique problem with a unique ad.


Unfortunately, the billboard is only rented for 2 weeks and then they will have to endure a new eye sore, but it worked great for now and is garnering this small ad agency much national attention, so there you go. It's a win-win!

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