Big news for artists—Billboard is reportedly set to start counting YouTube streams on its album charts.

Billboard has long been on the cutting edge of embracing changes in the way music is consumed, adapting their metrics to include streams three years ago. Now, they're reportedly moving to add YouTube streams to their metrics as well.

Hits Daily Double reports that Billboard will now add YouTube streams into its tabulations, though Billboard president John Amato was at first, reluctant to do so. The change was reportedly pushed by YouTube's Global Head of Music, music veteran Lyor Cohen.

The new metrics will include user-generated clips. The argument for and against the change is basically the same—supporters say counting streams is a more accurate reflection of what listeners are consuming, while naysayers will argue that streaming numbers can easily be manipulated and inflated.

As of now, it's being reported that YouTube streams will only be counted for the Billboard 200. There's no word on when the reported change will take place or if other charts will be considered.


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