I was reading this blog by a colleague of mine about those awesome fast food "collectible" glasses that were given away in the 80's, this was big at McDonald's for instance, and it spawned a flurry of memories of all the things I collected in the 80's from these glasses to other things you'd only collect in the coolest decade in history!

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    Garfield Glasses From McDonald's

    As mentioned above, I did collect various sets of glasses from fast food restaurants, but the set I remember most was the Garfield series from McDonald's. I had the entire collection and drank lots of Kool-Aid out of them. I think my Mom still has at least one of these glasses at her house still.

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    WWF Wrestler Figures and Ring

    The day I got my first pair of WWF wrestlers and the matching ring may have been one of the best days in my young life. I spent hours, days and weeks playing with those heavy, solid plastic figures.

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    M.U.S.C.L.E. Men

    Seeing these M.U.S.C.L.E. men figures brings me straight back to my childhood, I had dozens of these little 2 inch flesh colored creatures. I don't even remember how I would play with these guys, but they were cool at the time I know that much.

    Super Punch
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    Garbage Pail Kids

    Mixed in with my baseball card collection were these nasty friends from the 80's, the Garbage Pail Kids! Hundreds of gross sticker/cards littered my room and school folders. Who was your favorite Garbage Pail Kid?

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    California Raisins

    I'm not sure why I liked the California Raisins so much, it might have been the cool Motown music they sang or maybe it was the claymation style they were brought to life with that drew me to this collection of toys. What is for certain though is the large collection of California Raisins toys I had, from the figures you could only get at Hardees to the Bank I got with a box of California Raisins cereal, I had it all. The funny thing, I hate raisins!

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    Micro Machines

    After finishing this list of 5 a mini bolt of lightning hit me! What about Micro Machines?! I may have had more of these than all of the above combined, how could I forget about these tiny workhorses of my childhood imagination? Planes, cars, tanks, trains, I had them all, and played with them everywhere and left them everywhere, they were fun to step on in the middle of the night.