Tires are important to people in the Northland. They can make the difference between staying on the road or ending in a ditch in the Winter and skidding in the Summer.

Tires can give you better gas mileage, they can help you stop safely if a deer or child runs out in front of your vehicle. Tires can give you a smoother ride, they can help you get through bad weather to safety, and tires can be the difference when you are stuck in the snow or mud and get out.

If you live in Minnesota or Wisconsin, you need to know more about your tires then how to inflate them. What tires have the best grip? When do they expire? What tire works best in snow or rain? What size works best with the car you drive?

Some people buy their tires for the price, some for the brand, and some for the rating. Everyone knows something about tires, but there is so much more to them than buying, putting air in them, or checking the tread, They are all important, but there is so much more that everyone from Minnesota and Wisconsin should know about their tires to be a safer driver or to take better care of your car.

8 Things You Should Know About Tires If you Live In Minnesota Or Wisconsin

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