Mattel has now started a new program to recycle old toys and prevent them from ending up in a landfill somewhere. Anyone who has kids or been around them knows that toys either break or kids get sick of them after a while and off into the toy chest or closet they go and sometimes in the garbage.

Mattel is now offering consumers the chance to recycle a few of their toys specifically. The Barbie Doll, Matchbox Cars and Mega Blox. It is all part of their Toy Take bake program. I can think back when I was a kid or with my kids when they were younger  many of the Barbie's my youngest had were just trashed, and would not have been able to be handed down to anyone, else so I am glad to see this program has started.

Mattel Playback will collect and reuse the materials from the old toys that people send in and use it for future Mattel products. Plus there is no cost to you to participate! USA TODAY reported that Mattel President and Chief Operating Officer Richard Dickson said in a statement.:

Mattel toys are made to last and be passed on from generation to generation. The company is innovating by finding sustainable solutions. Our Mattel PlayBack program is a great example of this, enabling us to turn materials from toys that have lived their useful life into recycled materials for new products.

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As far as any materials that cannot be recycled Mattel will downcycle them or convert them from waste to energy. For more information on how you can recycle these three types of toys only Go to to print a free shipping label, then pack and mail outgrown Mattel toys back to Mattel. U.S. and Canadian consumers without computers or printers can request a shipping label over the phone by calling 800-524-8697.

Look for more Mattel Toys to be recycled in the future, but for now this is a great way to explain to your kids how you are all doing your part to save the earth from excess waste at the landfills and their toys are going to be made into another toy for a boy or girl to enjoy.

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