Did you ever wonder what happens when some older ladies get into an argument? Hair pulling? Nope. Scratching? Nope. They spit!  83 year old Mary Hoglund got so worked up at a Mitt Romney Rally  in Wisconsin, that she spit in a womans face.

According to the postcrescent.com the hoopla started when Wisconsin state Sen. Alberta Darling was speaking to the crowd, and Hoglund started asking her about funds being cut to planned parenthood programs. The crowd quickly turned on Hoglund as Darling tried to change the subject and one unlucky supporter got in her face, and was soon showered with  spit.

Hoglund was quickly ushered out of the room as chants for Romney can be heard from the remaining crowd. She received medical attention for a scratch on her neck, and says that she was attacked during the altercation. Check out the video below.

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