This past Sunday the lives of an elderly couple from Culver Minnesota which is about 30 miles north of Duluth, will never be the same. Apparently, neighbors of the elderly couple told them that there was a truck parked at the end of their driveway so they approached the vehicle in their golf cart where they came upon 29-year-old Jesse Lee Bonacci-Koski urinating in their driveway.

Brent Swanson who is the son of the couple told the Mesabi Tribune Bonacci-Koski hit his mother when she approached him. His father then jumped off the golf cart and Bonacci-Koski wrestled with the elderly man biting him in the hand and leg. His father ended up with a broken nose, several deep bite marks, a black eye, and other contusions.

As his mother tried to get away to get help Bonacci-Koski grabbed the golf cart but eventually was tossed off. The elderly woman yelled for help from a woman passing by but apparently, she did not do anything to help. His mother was able to flee to a neighbor's home and called the police. She suffered some head trauma, and pulled muscles and ligaments.

Bonacci-Koski was apprehended by the St. Louis County Sheriff's Deputies with the help of two different K-9 units. According to the Mesabi Tribune: "In August of 2017, Bonacci-Koski was charged with two counts of felony manslaughter for allegedly causing the death of his 11-month old nephew Bentley Joe Lewis Koski after a fire broke out at a Tower residence. Bonacci-Koski was supposed to be caring for the child but left the infant alone for two hours (including the time of the fire) “in order to go and buy controlled substances,’’ according to court records. Previous reports say Bonacci-Koski left the home to use methamphetamine."

Bonacci-Koski was sentenced to 98 months in prison. In addition to the prison term, he was sentenced to three years of supervised release. He was currently out on a work release program.

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