A nurse in Western Wisconsin has been charged with an unthinkable crime after she did a medical procedure on an elderly hospice patient without the patient's consent or a Dr.s order. 38-year-old Mary K. Brown, from Durand, Wisconsin is charged with physical abuse of an elder person - intentionally causing great bodily harm and mayhem.

According to the criminal complaint as reported on WQOW the victim was admitted into the nursing care facility in March of 2022 with severe frostbite on both of his feet. At the end of May health officials believed he was very close to dying. Several witnesses say Brown cut off the victim's foot on May 27. Brown did not have a Dr.s order to do the amputation or permission from the victim himself.

Apparently, another nurse was in the room when the amputation occurred, the victim was awake the entire time and was gripping her hand very hard. Another nurse who spoke to the victim after the amputation said it hurt very badly.

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One of the nurses told the police that Brown said her family owned a taxidermy shop and she was going to keep the victim's foot and put it on display with a sign saying "wear your boots kids!"  Brown told police she did it to make the patient more comfortable and that she would want that same thing done to her if her foot was in that bad of condition.

Kevin Larson Administrator and CEO of Spring Valley Senior Living and Health Care said in a statement:

We have and will continue to fully cooperate with the investigation into this matter. The person identified is not employed with our community.

Brown is due back in court on December 6 for her initial appearance. If she is convicted she faces a maximum of 40 years in prison. Plus since the victim is elderly the maximum sentence could be up to six additional years per charge. My question is what were the consequences for the other nurse that was in the room when this all took place, and how could this have even happened in the first place?

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