Here it is!  The bra I talked about this morning.  Or should I say, the "un-bra."   The "La Decollette" bra doesn’t look like a normal bra. It’s built with the bra cups cut out, with a wide strip of fabric running up the middle of your chest.

Ladies, here's the thing.  You wear it at night to prevent “cleavage wrinkles.”

According to the website, cleavage wrinkles are caused when your girls are pushed together too much in an uncontrolled way, so the La Decollette is supposed to manage their spacing while you sleep.  (With the aid of the special lotion you apply before donning the bra.)

They've also "scientifically tested" the bra and are convinced that this thing works.  I don't think I'd like to see the panel of scientists that oversaw this project.  Chances are they were more worried about being part of a study to check out the ladies in a bra that has the cups cut out than the actual cleavage wrinkles.

And now that I think about it, I've never heard a guy complain about cleavage wrinkles.

Are you wrinkly in the cleavage area?  Do you worry that people will laugh and point out your wrinkly cleavage?  Does the idea of wearing a cup-less bra to bed sounds enticing?

If this sounds like the product for you, here's the link:

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