According to  Star Tribune this pilot program is being conducted at 4 public schools in the Madison Wisconsin area to see If grades, student behavior and school safety improve.

These schools were chosen because the principals had an interest in improving student life by eliminating the distractions of cell phones and tablets that students use all day long. Of course some students are not very happy with the new policy which went into effect on May 1st.

One student had pointed out that for kids who do not have data on their phone with no access to Wi-Fi it may make it difficult to reach family and friends while at school. But my answer to that is use the phone feature and make a call instead.

We have 3 kids in High School and I know for a fact that they are on their phones in class because sometimes I will get random test messages or I check their Facebook status and see they are active. I know that at East High School they are really strict about kids being on their phones in class, but obviously they still get away with it.

I feel from a parents perspective that a school wide Wi-Fi is not necessary, I did not have that in High School and I survived just fine. I agree 100 % that kids these days have a ton more distractions then I did back in the day, even though I was super busy with school and sports and friends, I had days where that was overwhelming enough.

It is hard enough to keep tabs on your kids use of all things Internet with their phones and home computers than to worry about what they are watching or doing on line at school, so with no Wi-Fi access many kids will stay off their devices so as to not use up all their data.

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