Detectives in Dane County which is in the Madison Wisconsin area found the body of a homicide victim in the car of a female who had a standoff with police this past Monday.  The body was found near a store in Cambridge Wisconsin, but Milwaukee police said the man was shot and killed in Milwaukee earlier Monday around 2:20 a.m.  Milwaukee police are leading the homicide investigation. The victim who has not been named was 34 years old and is from Kaukana, Wisconsin.

The woman driving the vehicle where the male victim was found is 28-year-old Angelina Ruesch of Hartland Wisconsin. According to the police report, Ruesch had been asking people for money and a ride at a gas station in Cambridge Wisconsin around 7:40 p.m. on Monday — more than 17 hours after Milwaukee police believe the homicide occurred.

Deputies found Ruesch out on the street and she was brandishing a gun and refused to listen to law enforcement. She was tased, eventually disarmed, and taken into custody. Detectives then searched her car in the grocery store parking lot and found the male victim's body hidden inside her vehicle.

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According to the Wisconsin State Journal," Milwaukee police said she was arrested in connection with the homicide, but it’s unclear what role she may have played. Milwaukee police are seeking “additional known suspects” in the fatal shooting."

I am no detective but if she would not have abandoned her car and made a scene at that gas station she may have gotten away from the police, at least at that point. But she also was driving around with a dead person in her vehicle so it makes sense she was trying to ditch her car.

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