Indeed Brewing Company and Taproom in Minneapolis has now come up with a hard Kombucha called Boon. Beginning in April liquor stores that carry Indeed Brewing products will be able to find the blueberry flavored Boon. Kombucha is a fizzy sweet-and-sour drink made with tea that is said to have certain health benefits as well.

This type of drink seems like a natural progression with initial products in the market like hard lemonade and cranberry to the popular hard seltzer companies that have popped up over the last few years. With a ton of small craft breweries all over the country it has opened up brewing a variety of beverages like this one.

The natural fermentation process of “regular” kombucha, naturally contains around 0.5% alcohol which is low enough to qualify as a non-alcoholic drink, but their product contains 8.2% alcohol at the end of the brewing process which is fairly strong. Also a big selling point is that it is gluten free making it a great option besides beer.

Initially in January they debut their blueberry basil drink in it's Minneapolis and Milwaukee taprooms and plan to release a grapefruit hibiscus flavor. Kelly Moritz, COO of Indeed Brewing said:

Those were the two we narrowed in on as being the most universally appealing and palatable. The combination of the blueberry and basil is really nuanced and complex, but it’s also really approachable.

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My guess is that more and more craft breweries will start making this as well as again a great alternative to craft beer. Keep your eyes peeled for this in the Northland as the company plans to eventually expand sales across Minnesota.

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