A home for sale in Rochester Minnesota is garnering quite a bit of attention, but not for it's relation to a historical home but because of what lies beneath it. From the outside it looks like a very well kept beautifully landscaped house, so who would suspect anything?

The reason  for the underground caves is that this home was once used as a pump house for the mansion up the hill. That larger home dubbed the Plumber House was built way back in 1917 and belonged to Dr. Henry Plumber and his wife Daisy.  Dr. Plummer worked at Mayo clinic and is known for many innovative ideas during his practice. The main home is registered as a historical place. The city of Rochester maintains the main house.

Julie Glass-Yares of Edina Realty said to Bring Me The News:

Never sold a property with a cave before. Someone could really have a lot of creative license and make that area whatever they would want it to be. It remains a consistent 52 degrees or so year-round.

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The smaller home that is a private residence and now for sale was once used as the place that pumped water from the main house water tower and was used for storage for carriages, liquor and other items. At one time gardeners and care takers may have lived at the property. The pump house has been completely renovated by the current owners who made sure to preserve it's historical significance and have lived there for 34 years.

The pump house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms and is 3,000 square feet. The caves are spilt into three different sections running below the house. The price is $550,000. Because of the caves it is garnering a lot of attention with 47,000 views on Zillow in just 24 hours. I for one would not want to live in a house with caves underneath I personally think it is kind of creepy, but I am sure somebody out there will buy the house caves and all.

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