The City of Rochester has decided to close all its municipal pools because people don't know how to behave anymore.

Most pools or lakes with swimming areas around the state are having a hard time opening because they can't find lifeguards, Rochester has those, but no one is listening to them and causing problems at both city run pools.

The city says that "fights, pushing, children being left unattended, lack of attention to the lifeguards and general disregard for pool rules," have forced them to close the pools starting today and no reopening date has been set yet.

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City officials and local swim club partners have tried to address the unruly behavior by limiting the number of guests and by introducing a reservation system, neither have worked, so they were forced to shut the pools down.

Rochester say they will regroup and come up with different strategies to deal with the problem through staffing and operational procedures to make sure the pools are safe and fun places for all to enjoy.

Parks & Recreation Director for Rochester Paul Widman said in a press release, "The occurrences of the past few days requires us to temporarily close and take the time needed to address the issues being experienced. Safety of everyone is our top priority."

Apparently, people forgot how to act with respect around other people and follow rules during the pandemic, just look at the speeding stats or seat belt usage stats from Minnesota, same deal, some people just don't care anymore and are ignoring rules and laws that are meant to keep them and others safe. What happened to Minnesota Nice?

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