Sam Kavanaugh is returning to Jeopardy after winning five games and $156,202.  Winning five games is absolutely unreal! I loyally watch the show every day and I must admit I would never make it in that show let alone win even one game. Kavanaugh is originally from Carlton Minnesota and last competed on the show in 2019 when he racked up his five wins.

According to Bring Me The News Kavanaugh is currently a substitute teacher in Minneapolis and found himself unemployed during the pandemic so he put all his efforts into competing for his return to Jeopardy's stage for the annual tournament that started with 15 prior winners competing for the $250,000 grand prize.

The quarterfinals for the Tournament of Champions began earlier this month and he has obviously done very well landing in the finals which starts airing today! For Kavanaugh it was quite the nail biter to get to where he is today as he was in a close second and it all came down to Final Jeopardy, where he pulled ahead by only $341, and ended up winning $22,801, to secure his spot in the semifinals, according to the show's website.

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The two-day finals of the tournament will air at 4:30 p.m. starting Thursday (today) and Friday on NBC. He'll be competing against Veronica Vichit-Vadakan, a librarian from Portland, Oregon, and Jennifer Quail, a wine tasting consultant from Dowagiac, Michigan.  I am pretty sure that his former and current students have to be beaming with pride to see how far he has come and of course I will be cheering for him from the comfort of my living room as he represents Minnesota. I am in awe of every person that has ever stepped on that soundstage because honestly how 3 different people can know so much information about so many different topics is a mind blower! Good Luck Sam we are all cheering for you.

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