Gov. Tim Walz signed a law in May 2019 known as the “slow down to get around,” which entails to when you see a garbage or recycling truck double-parked with flashing lights, treat it with the same respect you would a police car or fire truck: slow down, and pass only if it’s safe and with as much room as you can.

Peggy Macenas, vice president of the Midwest region of the National Waste and Recycling Association said  "We think a lot is distracted driving. You’ve got this huge truck, so you think people would see it. But our guys keep getting hit.” In 2017 refuse and recyclable material collectors had the fifth highest on the job fatality rate of all professions. Under the new law here are some examples of guidelines:

  • If there are enough lanes in the same direction, you must leave an entire vacant lane between your car and the truck.
  • If there are only two lanes in each direction, you can pass the truck only if you’re fully in the other lane.
  • If there’s only one lane, or if it’s not possible to change lanes safely, you must slow down to a “reasonable and prudent” speed before passing the truck — and you cannot speed up until your entire vehicle has fully cleared the entire truck.

If a Police Officer sees you not complying with this new law you can be issued a ticket. Though this might be hard to enforce the bottom line is the safety of the workers and also people in their vehicles. For more on this story Click Here.

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