Minnesota is the land of 10,000 Lakes and just as many hockey rinks. Being someone who grew up where hockey is an after thought, that is one of the first things I learned was how passionate people are here about hockey.

What I love about this sport that I honestly know very little about, is the level of passion for the sport from pee wee all the way to the wild. Case in point, when I first moved to Minnesota and I was in College, one weekend the whole T.V. lounge in our dorm was packed with people screaming and hollering. So my friends (who are all from Chicago ) and I walked in to see what was going on, and it was The Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament. My first thought was are you kidding me?

We were quickly schooled about what a big deal this is! So, a company by the name of "smartassest" may have gotten this wrong, with the only city making the Top 10 is Duluth at #10. For more on where other cities rank CLICK HERE.