A student from the Stanley Boyd school district in Stanley Wisconsin met with reporters from TV station WQOW in Eau Claire to tell his story of witnessing a fellow students lunch being taken away and thrown in the trash because he did not have enough money to pay for it. The student fearing getting in trouble chose to remain anonymous as he spoke with reporters.

Stanley Wisconsin is located near Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire and is a small town of only 3,608 people as of the Census last year. Not to say that this type of story should make a difference in a bigger town, but obviously in a smaller close knot community like this they obviously have a smaller school and school district.

The Superintendent of the Stanley-Boyd school district, Jim Jones who said they have been cracking down on lunch accounts that hit zero, but they’ve been offering those students an "alternative lunch." He went on to say that no employee at the district has physically taken a lunch and thrown it in the garbage. Below is a video of the anonymous student explaining what happened, and the school boards reaction to this story.

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When our kids were younger we were always trying to keep up with making sure they had money in their lunch accounts or would take a bag lunch.As the kids got older it was is harder to keep track when they would take a bag lunch and get snacks on top of it. The Duluth School District will absolutely let you know when your child's account is out of money, but I never heard of any child being denied a lunch for lack of funds, thankfully.


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