Actor Milo Ventimiglia has become a huge star and household name thanks to the powerhouse TV drama "This Is Us" is apparently working behind the scenes to to create a new TV series for NBC about a fictional girls hockey team in Minnesota.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Ventimiglia will be using his own production company called DiVide Pictures to create the new sports drama entitled Hometown Saints. Reports say that he most likely will not be acting in the series but his role will be behind the scenes as an executive producer.

The series is about a retired hockey player who is trying to figure out a new role now that his playing career has ended. He then finds himself back in his hometown in Minnesota where he reluctantly decides to become a girls high school hockey coach.

I am definitely catching a "League of Their Own" vibe from this theme in the likes of Tom Hanks being a reluctant coach of the women's baseball team. But I doubt that the coach in this TV show is going to be a lazy drunk like Hanks character.

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According to Bring Me The News : locally the Minnesota girls high School hockey season section play offs start February 9-17 with the state tournament February 23-26. Is it  just me or does anyone else love the fact that the spotlight is going to be on girls high school hockey? Since moving to Minnesota and what a hockey loving place this is, it does seem like girls hockey is left in the shadow of the boys often times. I hope that they actually film here too and give some local girls a chance to shine.

Just a reminder to fans The series "This Is Us"  is in its sixth and final season. Episodes are on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Central Time on NBC. I was a huge fan of the show for years, but honestly some episodes were so gut wrenching that I could not watch it anymore. But now I think I could handle watching it again, so I might have to catch up.

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