Aaron Rodgers has been in the headlines many times over the past year but this time, his latest interview has many people scratching their heads, including me.

We all know the drama that has surrounded Aaron Rodgers throughout the past year. He had (and still kind of does have) a beef with the Green Bay Packers. Reports surfaced earlier this year that he was "disgruntled" with the team.

The feud seemingly picked up steam when the football star skipped team workouts and was seen frolicking around Hawaii with Shailene Woodley and a few celebrity friends. The drama really peaked when his wife-to-be shared a very telling video clip from an ESPN commentator on Twitter, who went on a rant about why Rodgers was so upset with the team. This basically confirmed all the rumors about the situation.

Not all headlines were about the Green Bay Packers though. In February, Rodgers shocked everyone when he announced on live television that he was engaged. At that point, news of his relationship with Woodley had just broke. They took their love online and all over the place once the news broke, which continues to make headlines to this day.

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Since the two came out as a couple, they have been pretty cute together. They did their first joint interview together at Disney back in April, where they were sickeningly cute. They also speak often about each other in interviews, which is always so sweet it makes me sick. Ha!

Now, it is an interview featuring Rodgers that is making headlines. The interview dropped Thursday (September 2nd) on HauteLiving.com, a popular online website. The interview features exclusive photos and a lengthy interview. In it, he talks about his upbringing, football and of course, his relationship.

One quote in-particular is raising eyebrows and it all has to do with the current football season and time away from his future wife. In the interview, the fact that he is in Wisconsin for the foreseeable future is brought up. His future wife lives in Los Angeles.

So what did he have to say about the next few months apart? Rodgers said he thinks "it's going to be a good thing" for them, saying that she is really busy with work. The actress couldn't work, according to Rodgers, for an entire year because of the pandemic so she is very busy now that things are up and running.

People seem to think that this means trouble in paradise for the couple but it does make sense, right? She is a famous Hollywood actress and he is one of the biggest football stars out there.

He elaborated in the interview by saying that his fiancée "enjoys working and her own routine" and that he does as well. While many people online quoted this tweet and said that it seems weird they would already be living separate lives so early into their relationship, I feel like these things are normal in show business.

Speaking of show business, it looks like Rodgers will have to remain a football giant for now since he wasn't chosen as the new host of Jeopardy! He was a good cohost earlier this year but I think many people are glad he's sticking with his team for now, even if the show got a pretty good ratings spike during his tenure. Ha!

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