According to an article from Bringmethenews Back in January Ewan McGregor won a Golden Globe award for playing brothers Emmit and Ray Stussy on the show Fargo. Now if it would not be hard enough playing two different characters, let's throw in the Minnesota accent.

During his acceptance speech for the award he thanked one of his co-workers for helping him learn that "Bonkers Accent." Now of course nobody wants to hear any criticism about where they live or how they talk and some Minnesota residents sure seem to get defensive about it.

Of course different parts of the state tend to have thicker accents then others but I would claim that is pretty common all over the country. I had a roommate from Zumbrota Minnesota and she had the thickest Minnesota accent I had ever heard in my life. I actually had to say 'what' half the time when she would say something because I could not understand her.

I don't believe McGregor meant any harm by saying that, any accent would be difficult to pick up and for most people from other countries it is not an accent often shown in the media. As you can hear from the clip below his accent is not as exaggerated as some other characters.


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