Yesterday in Duluth two new narrow homes were put up for sale by One Roof Community Housing, the new homes are meant for families that are below 80% of the area median income.

The 1,200-square-foot homes located at 1317 and 1319 99th Avenue West, are designed and built by Lagom Modular and are a new design that features a front entry and an open-concept kitchen/dining/living room. The homes are designed to fit on small 25-foot-wide lots, the Duluth City Council revised the zoning code in 2020 to allow for houses to have a smaller minimum width.

Lagom Modular
Lagom Modular

These homes are valued at $250,000 but are being sold to qualified buyers at a $75,000 discount. To qualify, buyers must not exceed certain income levels, for instance, a household of 2 must not exceed $57,800. An additional $30,000 in assistance is available for Fond Du Lac enrolled tribal members.

The fully electric homes feature 2 bedrooms with built-in desks and a 7-foot wardrobe, 2 baths, a kitchen island with a pantry, an office, a living room, a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, range/stove, refrigerator, and an electric water heater. The homes also have a solar panel system to reduce utility costs.

Lagom Modular
Lagom Modular
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According to their website, One Roof Community Housing "mission and programs serve to make home a better place. That’s why we make it as easy as possible for people in Duluth and the surrounding communities to purchase, renovate, maintain, and keep a home as long as they like."

These homes are part of a land trust program, meaning that "One Roof maintains ownership of the land, which homeowners lease for a small fee. When homeowners move, they agree to pass on the benefits they received by selling their home below market price to another income-qualified buyer."

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