The ordinance would allow people to keep up to three domesticated hoofed mammals each weighing no more than 30 pounds on a properly fenced property.

In addition to the fence, the property also has to be larger than two acres in size. This all came to be as a Duluth family has three pygmy goats at their home in the Duluth Heights area.

Before adopting the animals they consulted with city officials with three different people in the city's building and zoning department telling them they could keep goats on their 4-plus-acre property.

They've now had the three goats (Merlin, Mocha, and Latte) for 14 months without any incidents. But when the animals came to the attention of local animal-control authorities as the result of a complaint about potential odors from the property, They family was informed that goat-tending is not allowed within residential areas of the city.

This all could change with the ordinance and you can read the full article here. Let me know in the comments below what you think about having goats and other hooved animals within city limits.

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