I grew up with a mother that was a terrible driver, and she knew it and was actually afraid to drive. Thankfully being out in the suburbs my mom could drive at her own slow pace and she never went on the freeway. She learned to drive when she was older after she met my dad and never built up any confidence in her driving. The minute I got my driver's license I told my mom it was my turn to cart her around because I did not ever want to be in a car with her behind the wheel again.

It is a fact of life that as we get older our vision generally gets worse along with our hearing and we do not have as quick reaction times as we used to. How many times have you been stuck behind someone going way under the speed limit and you are finally able to pass them and see that they are an elderly driver? I have lost count over all the years I have been driving. It is frustrating and it is dangerous.

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This woman was actually arrested and booked for driving under the speed limit. Now why she was actually arrested and not just given a ticket is anybody's guess, but I am thinking that Roxann has been cited for this before or has some kind of warrant for her arrest. Lucky for her she was able to be released the same day.

I realize this may or may not fall under popular opinion, but I truly believe that at a certain age, you should have to retake your driver's test and behind-the-wheel. Now at what age should that happen? Well, I have no idea, but you have to wait to be 16 to get your driver's license and you should have to retake everything at a certain point. This would also help families that are worried about an elderly person driving who does not want to give up their license or driving privileges. If they legally had to take a test and did not pass then the decision will already be made for them.

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