Yesterday as I pulled up to the back of our house, much to my horror, our garbage can was knocked over and we had garbage strewn all over our yard!  Gross! On top of the fact that it seems like it has been raining non-stop for a month, I did not have any gloves to pick it all up.

So, the question remains who/what could have done this? We have a very large plastic garbage can issued by our garbage company....even empty it is heavy. We usually put a brick on top of the lid, but I guess that must have been overlooked this time around. It is so disgusting when this happens, and I need some serious C.S.I. peeps to scope out the situation. I have heard many different possibilities from deer to a bear. Guess I will just have to make sure to baton down the hatch and keep out a keen eye. Maybe I will install a camera in the backyard, my money is on some very big racoons who can bench press  a garbage can.  Stay tuned!


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