While Barack and Mitt duke it out at the podium, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney have jumped into the cooking ring with Family Circle Magazine running a cookie recipe contest between the two women that could be the First Lady starting in 2013.

Family Circle Magazine has been doing a Presidential Cookie Bake-off since 1992, pitting the major candidate's wives against each other in a cookie recipe contest. Silly as this may sound, the contest has accurately predicted the winner of the Presidential Election every time, except in 2008, when Cindy McCain won the vote over Michelle Obama among Family Circle readers.

This year's contest had Ann Romney submitting a recipe for M&M cookies and Michelle Obama offering her white and dark chocolate chip cookie recipe.

The winner, in a vote from over 9,000 Family Circle readers, was Michelle Obama. only 278 votes separated the two women in the race for best cookie in the U.S. Will it prove the trend true that she will be the First Lady after the election? Stay tuned!





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