Anne Hathaway was vacationing in Hawaii when she was allegedly grabbed by a riptide and pulled under.

Thankfully for her, however, a surfer was nearby, and he was able to save her from being pulled out to sea.

Witnesses on the beach say they heard her screaming for help when said surfer headed over to assist her.

Anne's husband, Adam Shulman (who was on the beach when all this went down), was on hand with a first aid kit when she was pulled from the water and administered help to her injured foot, which was scraped up in the incident. (Possibly on a reef, according to some sources.)

We're glad that's the only thing that was damaged because it sure could have been much, much worse. Hathaway was reportedly in much better spirits after the incident, even posing to take photos with fans who spotted her in Oahu.

UPDATE: Hathaway opens up about the "drowning" incident, and says that it was fabricated. "I really do appreciate everybody's concern but that was a picture that had a false story attached to it. The real story is not as interesting."

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