The can of worms has been coming down as part of the Twin Ports Interchange project. This extensive project has been underway since January, with the demolition of much of the can of worms being completed. As stages have progressed, we've seen lane closures, detours, and reroutes.  Now, Northbound traffic from the Blatnik bridge going on I 535 north into Duluth on I-35 will be closed beginning November 1.

This will make the Bong Bridge the primary bridge to go either direction in the Twin Ports. Just a few weeks ago the lanes going towards Superior were closed as that section of the can of worms was removed. That's rerouted a majority of traffic through the Bong Bridge and into Superior's downtown area. It's been causing a bit of a backup from time to time and some frustrations in that area of town for drivers.

Now on the flip side with the majority of traffic going to the Bong Bridge to get to Duluth, we could be seeing some traffic impacts in the West Duluth area. There could be congestion on the on and off-ramps of I-35 in that area.

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According to MN Dot's official project page, the work is necessary and will be an improvement when completed:

Once completed, this project will enhance safety by eliminating blind merges and left exits, replace aging infrastructure, and better accommodate freight movements through the interchanges next to the Clure Public Terminal.

Once this project is completed, the next big project will be the replacement of the John A. Blatnik Bridge which is expected to begin this decade. The Bong Bridge will be a busy bridge for years to come.

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