The New Kids on the Block were one of the biggest Boy Bands on the Planet in the 1990's and somehow they have managed to still stay fairly relevant with their Cruise Tours and shows like "Wahlburgers" and "Donnie Loves Jenny", but any NKOTB Fans remember their short lived cartoon?

I unearthed the craziest thing ever on Facebook and it was cartoons from the 1990's that did not last very long and this was one of them. According to Wikipedia the cartoon premiered in 1990 and only lasted 1 season, but then was picked up by Disney channel from 1991-1993.

If you watch some of their old concert footage it does not seem like it could get any cheesier, but wait the cartoon is even better. The cartoon mullets and bad voice overs (obviously not portrayed by the real guys) is hilarious. So If you are a fan or not, you got to check it our below.