In her upcoming BBC Music Special, Ariana Grande continues to open up to her fans about suffering from anxiety.

NME reports that during the forthcoming program, Grande shares that she often feels guilty for having anxiety.

"I almost feel guilty that I have [anxiety] because it's just in your head and it's just so crazy how powerful it is. You have ups and downs and sometimes you'll go weeks at a time where you will be crushing it and there will be no anxiety," she explains. "And then something will happen that can trigger it and then you have a couple of down days."

The pop star, who tackles the topic of anxiety on her Sweetener track "get well soon," which was directly inspired by an anxiety attack, also shares how the support from her family and friends has helped her cope.

"The most important thing is to remember that…everybody has this. Talk to your loved ones, reach out to people, especially your fiends online. Reach out to each other," the singer says.

Speaking to friend and collaborator Troye Sivan for PAPER magazine in August, Grande revealed how the 2017 Manchester attack affected her mental health and triggered her anxiety.

"I've always had anxiety, I've had anxiety for years," she shared. "But when I got home from tour it reached a very different, intense peak. It became physical and I was not going out at all, and I felt like I was outside my body. I'd have these spells every now and then where I felt like I was having déjà vu, but like 24/7 for three months at a time."

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