Thanks to Auto-Tune, it's just about impossible to hear anyone singing anymore without wondering if they're actually as talented as they sound.

Ariana Grande has received some flattering vocal comparisons to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey lately, and while it's still too soon to say she deserves them, we can't fault her willingness to prove her pipes are real.

Grande, who's currently tearing up the charts with 'The Way,' recently took a few minutes to provide an au naturel singing demonstration for her fans and followers on YouTube, setting up a mic and delivering an a cappella version of Houston's 1996 single 'I Believe in You and Me.' With just a touch of reverb to accompany her, she does a pretty solid job of pulling it off. And although this isn't exactly one of Houston's signature songs, covering anything she did is still a pretty nervy choice for a budding pop starlet.

Of course, it's still possible that Grande's voice received a few digital nips and tucks after she recorded it, and haters always gon' hate. But for now, we'll happily accept this video at face value. And wouldn't it be nice if this type of no-frills performance turned into a trend?

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