Ariana Grande must've got a little of that pastel body paint in her hair while filming her ethereal "God Is a Woman" video, because on Wednesday (July 18) the pop star debuted a beautiful new lavender 'do.

In a simple Instagram post, the 25-year-old shared a photo of a polaroid where she's sporting the new light hair color sans-ponytail. She captioned the photo with a simple "lavender." Her new fiancé Pete Davidson commented on the picture appropriately, with a series of purple hearts.

Check out her new look below.

Aside from the hair, Grande also may have been predicting something else with her "God Is a Woman" video. Many fans seem to think the pop star and her beau are expecting a child after watching a particular scene in the video in which an animated Ari's belly swells into an illustrated baby bump.

Watch the video below and see what you think.

Though it seems a little soon to be talking kids, Grande and Davidson joked about pro-creating just a week after becoming Instagram official. They also got engaged less than a month after dating, so you really can't put anything past these two lovebirds.


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