I of course am not a professional music critic, but I seem to be in the majority when it comes to my opinion of her failed attempt at singing the National Anthem. With a song like that which holds so much esteem and pride it is a tough assignment for anyone, but if you are a professional singer you should be able to nail it.

I felt like her voice was strong, but she was overly dramatic in her delivery by dragging out some of the notes which made it almost comical. She sounded like tarzan calling out to all his animal friends.

One artist that comes to mind immediately who has that singing style is Christina Aguilera, but girl she was able to pull it off.

For Fergie who has been out of the limelight for a while and who's latest album had minor success she should have stuck with what she knows and just stayed the course of the song with out all the dramatics. You know it is bad when you see the looks on some of the players faces, I am embarrassed for her.

In my opinion THE BEST rendition of this song was done by none other than the amazing Whitney Houston. Fergie if you ever get the chance to do this again stick to your normal singing style, please.

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