The Boys Scouts of America has been around for 100 years, but today is national signing day for girls who want to join Boy Scouts. With this new move by Boy Scouts of America, girls in grades K-4 who so choose can start out as Cub Scouts and work there way up the ranks just like boys can.

According to WDIO The Voyageurs Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America are communicating the same theme as across the country in that families can now stay together to participate in activities. Everyone knows that kids seem busier then ever and parents often times are running the kids from one program to another with not much time in between.

Packs will not be co-ed but hopefully will help reduce stress on families and allowing more kids to participate in the program. Michael Jenkins who is the Scouting Executive says the organization is calling it "Family Scouting." Around six girls in the Northland are expected to sign up for the Cub Scouts program today.

If you would like more information on the local chapter of Boy Scouts you can call (218)-729-5811 or send a request for information to Click Here for Boys Scouts of America website.



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