This morning I talked about a story I found online about a new study that reveals that if a man's ring finger is longer than his index finger (on the same hand) he is more likely to be considered "attractive."

The study looked at the links between hormones and the development of certain physical traits, and what turns on the opposite sex.  Scientists ran experiments to find out if women are drawn to the telltale signs of high testosterone levels in men who have this more "masculine" finger configuration, like a symmetrical face, a deeper voice, or a particular body odor.

Women were asked to evaluate them for masculinity and attractiveness. They listened to recordings of the male voices, and smelled samples of their body odor.  Now how would you like to be one of the women who took part in that study?  "Here, listen to this smell his B.O."  What?!?!

So ladies, here's your homework.  Check out your man's fingers then smell his armpits, and tell me how attractive he is. :)

Read the article HERE