Canadian angst queen Avril Lavigne has been dealing with lots of flack and criticism over her 'Hello Kitty' video. In fact, the hashtag #avrilracist became a thing on Twitter yesterday (April 23), prompting the singer to respond with tweets of her own, addressing the fans that called her video "racist" for its depictions.

Lavigne laughed off the notion that she is a racist due to the controversial content in her clip, noting that she loves Japan, spends a lot of time there and flew to Tokyo to shoot it for her Japanese label and with a Japanese director.

Critics and fans were miffed, since they felt she was co-opting and fetishizing Asian culture with the images in the video, which feature girls dancing with blank stares. The singer is also accused of mocking Asian accents as well.

The video has caused quite the uproar, which is probably something that the singer, now married to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, is not used to. But Lavigne used social media to reach out and discuss it. She was not apologetic when making her point either. She issued a pair of tweets, offering her side of the story and moved on. That will either be regarded as a smart PR strategy, to respond and let the drama die, or as her being a little too dismissive about it.

Below are her tweets addressing the matter.

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