To say that B.o.B has a fair amount of collaborations under his belt is an understatement. Hayley Williams of Paramore, Eminem, Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars have all contributed their vocals to his previous singles, with rumored future tracks on ‘Strange Clouds’ including Taylor Swift and again, Eminem. So who would the emcee still like to work with?

Kid Cudi,” B.o.B reveals to PopCrush. “I feel like we would come up with something very interesting.”

Cudi — who just released his collaborative rock ‘n’ roll LP ‘WZRD‘ today (Feb. 28) alongside Dot da Genius — is also known for releasing quirky short films, such as the ‘Maniac’ video in which Cudi and fellow rapper Cage play French serial killers.

“I know exactly what you’re referring to,” he says in response to Cudi’s alternative short films. “I think he’s just very creative with his approach to music and, you know just to be connected to the new generation, to have that voice I think is really dope.”

But B.o.B doesn’t end there. Things get crazy when he throws in the hottest electronic producers at the moment. “I would also like to work with James Blake. That’d be crazy. I think me, James Blake and Kid Cudi should do a song and it should be produced by Skrillex. I think the sky would fall if we did that song and the sky would come down to Earth and party with us.”

It would B.o.B. It would.

But what about these rumored Eminem tracks on his upcoming album — ‘Through the Night’ and ‘Ladies’? “That’s a possibility,” B.o.B teases.

‘Strange Clouds,’ his sophomore album which he deems “Science-ficitony mixed with recreational actives,” hits stores May 1.

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