Not only is Taylor Swift one of the most desired and sought after single gals in Hollywood – cue up the Beyonce song — but she is also a much coveted collaborator. If there is any truth to the pervasive rumors, B.o.B may have snatched her up to collaborate on his new album.

B.o.B. was one of the many artists Swift invited to perform on stage with her for her ‘Speak Now’ tour last summer. He actually had to turn down her initial offer in Atlanta, since he had a previous arrangement, but they scheduled a makeup date for Dallas. They maintained a friendship after the performance at Cowboy Stadium and as a result, a collab may have been born.

Rap-Up reports that B.o.B and Swift will work together on a song from his forthcoming sophomore set ‘Strange Clouds,’ which drops May 1. The track is said to be produced by the blazing hot Dr. Luke. “I can’t discredit nor confirm the rumor,” B.o.B said. “Once it’s began, it’s begun and it will take its course.”

He referred to Swift as “America’s sweetheart, a real genuine person.” He also lauded the country queen for her taste in hip-hop, since also brought Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida on stage with her during her tour.

He’s certainly playing coy, but if these two did collaborate, we’re all in and can’t wait to hear it.

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