For reasons that continue to elude me, picture-messaging app Snapchat recently introduced the functionality of adding a friendly little augmented-reality hot dog to your photos. His snazzy headphones, comforting-and-yet-dead-inside smile, and cutesy dance moves made him an instant hit, and as is their wont, the bored denizens of the internet began putting him everywhere they could think of. He attained full meme-hood, which has now brought the Dancing Hot Dog his biggest role yet: Replacing Ansel Elgort in the Baby Driver trailer.

YouTube user BigVanElecMan superimposed the coldly cheery visage of the hot dog over every appearance of Elgort’s tinnitus-stricken getaway driver Baby in the trailer for Edgar Wright’s latest film, and the results are inexplicably hilarious. “Baby Driver, but with a cartoon wiener” is a dumb idea, but then, aren’t dumb ideas often the best ones? Once upon a time, “lonely robot falls in love on a trash planet” sounded like a dumb idea, and look how Wall-E turned out!

It’s a one-joke premise where the one joke keeps getting funnier every time you tell it. The contrast between the high-octane scenes of kinetic intensity and the hot dog’s utterly unfazed expression is absurd, and it gets even better when we hear Elgort’s dialogue coming out of the frankfurter’s face. Everyone’s driving and running and shooting and our nice meaty boy just wants to groove out and rhythmically shake his arms in peace! I see only death in his beady black eyes, and yet, I love him.

So yeah, it’s a dumb little idea, but it’s also an easy way to feel joy for two-and-a-half minutes, and that’s something we could all really use right now.

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